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Alternate Energy

Let us help you in deciding what alternative
energy source would best fit your needs. We
feel there could be many possible alternatives
to your energy needs and we would make sure
the source(s) you choice will be the best for
your needs now and in the future.


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Energy Audits

Qualify your home or commercial building for
government benefits and rebates. Our audits
will save you money by assuring that you are
not wasting any of the energy needed for your
daily usage. We will do a complete energy audit
to assure that your building envelope is sealed
and safe for your comfort level and health.


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We will take all steps necessary to help you
acquire the needed funds for your project. As
well as filing all paper work needed for
government rebates and credits. Our financial
department will work with you on any and all
paperwork needed to guarantee that your
project will be a success.


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Why choose us?

Our main goal is to make the environment a better place for your children, your grandchildren, and their children. We feel that we can save you and the planet at once by saving you money and minimizing your carbon footprint.

After our evaluation we would only do the work if it benefits both you and the planet. Anyone can install solar or turbines at your location, but will they truly be concerned about all involved? Our company is more concerned with making you feel better about yourself knowing your doing what is right not what is cheaper.

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