The Best Productsfor you and your planet!

Improve the environment you live in

By decreasing your enviromental impact.The first step in helping Mother Earth is by caring enough to make a change. We can help you do this! By simply doing a home energy audit and making some changes in your energy usage.

There is wide range of Alternate Energy Products

We are not trying to sell products to benefit financially. What we truely desire is making our planet a better place for us and future generations. The planet and the sun supply us with enough alternate options to produce electricity. Which will help us create an eco friendly enviroment for all generations.

Work team

Our team at Grid Free will do everything possible to fufill all of your energy needs. We will oversee all aspects of your project from start to finish with professionalism and concern.

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Grid Free goals

Our goal here at Grid Free LLC is to ensure that all of your green concerns and efforts for a healthier enviroment and a better place for all to enjoy will become a reality. We will make every effort possible to supply you with all the needed material and information which would allow you to make the right choices to ensure you and your family the healthiest and best products for you and your loved ones.

Company profile

Our President has been in the home and building industry for over 10 years and has been involved with energy efficiency for the past 5 years. He has been in multiple energy projects for both the home and commercial industry. His desire and determination has made it possible for him to create a zero cost bases on his home heating, electricity and Air conditioning. By using various technologies such as geo-thermal and solar.


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